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We run all our companies with a clear vision to make them professionally managed. We are really passionate about people and all our outfits on driven by them. For us it’s not about creation of wealth for individual needs but to create some employment at the end of the day. In this process we have created some good leaders out of village boys.

Every year we share sizeable amount of our profits for some of the below mentioned causes -Empowering youth - We empower the boys from villages and give them professional training to create some good employment opportunities. Like for example in Pune we have a shortage of good drivers, cooks, offices back end staff. We plan and try to give them some professional training of these skill sets and teach them basic mannerism and provide them good jobs.

Support and Nurture single parent children – We are really concerned about children with a single parent and do support such families by providing a means of employment and education for their children.

Community based support system for elders who are not cared by their own families.


We believe our workforce as one of our key asset and we attribute our success to their relentless hard work. We actively promote skill set development guidance and training to enhance their performance and motivation which in turn results in increased productivity.

We conduct basic training workshops in following trades to achieve overall growth of our workforce :

  • Form work Carpentry
  • Bar Bending and Steel Fixing
  • Masonry (Brick and Block work)
  • Plumbing and Sanitary
  • Electrical
  • Scaffolding
  • Welding (Structural and Pipe Welding)
  • Safety and Environment


We believe in extensive opportunities for growth and personal development for all employees by providing them challenging work environment, interesting and motivating assignments which brings a sense of professional fulfillment to everyone. We keep our employees / team members abreast with latest Technological developments in the Industry. We take almost care to identify the training needs for each individual and provide customized training programs to suit each individual. The Company encourages entrepreneurial skills, thus enabling and empowering employees to take appropriate risks. Employee participation is encouraged by inviting suggestions and opinions. We develop and retain competent employees throughout extensive Training programs, Empowerment, Rewards and Growth for Everyone who is in part of ARWADE FAMILY.