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A) Employee based initiative

Training Needs & Knowledge Updation

To achieve best quality product delivery it is most important to have the same in best hands. These best hands are to be crafted continuously which is TRAINING & UPDATION.

To keep our employees / team members up to date with latest developments in the industry, we take utmost care to identify the training needs for each individual and make a customized training programme which helps them perform beyond their limits.

Training Programmes

A) Skillset improvement / on
job training / safety

B) Health– Pranayam /
Exercise– Mediation-Diet

C) Personality Development

We take utmost care for

A) Site accommodation:

B) Hygienic and Diet Controlled
Food–State of art mess facilities
with menu’s designed by

C) Transport arrangements

D) Mediclaim and Insuances
Our all employees are covered
under mediclaim facilities
andinsurance coverages.

D) Medical Examination and
Require Health Check- up We
undertake regular check ups
toensure the health conditions
of all our employees.

D)Talk to CEO Programme